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This DVD produced by Master Chung is for basic instruction of the

Traditional Yang Long Form. Great for beginners and advanced students.

It has Part 1 (right and left side), Part 2 (right side), and Part 3 (right side).

All the sections have easy to follow front and back views and the weight distribution for each movement. Very easy to learn from.

And in the last section he goes through the traditional long form (section 1, 2, & 3) front view, with an in depth explanation of how to practice your Tai Chi and gain the most from your practice.

I highly recommend this DVD for everyone.

It is about 1 hr. 22 minutes long.

Cost is $50.00

Contact Master Chung's assistant - Aimara at 954-224-9940 for purchasing

DVD & having it shipped to you, or tell me if you are currently in my

class and I will get it for you.  

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