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Above photo Sifu Ken Marx, Master Andrew Chung, Master Wei Lun Huang

(Master Huang being presented a Plaque for 25 yr. Anniversary of Teaching Tai Chi in Florida)


(1) Northern Style Tai Chi - was handed down into Ging Dynasty during Kangsi Emperor's time (1662 - 1722) to Jiang Fa.

(2) Chen Chang Xing (1771 - 1853) - from Chen Family Village which practiced Pow Chui (Cannon Fist) - combined Tai Chi and Pow Chui into Chen Tai Chi.

(Yang Family Tai Chi has its roots from Chen Tai Chi & Taoist Monk)

(3) Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) - sought Tai Chi for stomach problems. Learned from Chen Chang Xing. He was from Hebei Province. Known as 'Yang the Invincible'. Was founder of Yang style Tai Chi. He was born in Guangping.

(4) Yang Jian-Hou (1839-1917) - One of three sons of Lu Chan. He was the father of Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Shaohou.

(5) Grand Master Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936) - Son of Yang Jian-Hou & grandson of Yang Lu Chan. Learned from father and older brother. (Yang Shou-Hou, brother, had reputation of being too rough.) Cheng Fu was among the first teachers to offer Tai Chi to the general public.

(6) Master Lou Tzi Ling - (Foshun China) - Direct student of Yang Chen Fu.

(7) Master Wei Lun Huang - (Foshun China) - Direct student of Lou Tzi Ling.

(8) Master Andrew Chung - Direct student of Wei Lun Huang.

(9) Sifu Kenneth Marx - Direct student of Andrew Chung.

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