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Biography Ken Marx M.S.

Ken Marx has been a practitioner & teacher of Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung for more than 4 decades. He originally started Tai Chi Chuan Training in New York City in 1974, after a back injury, with Sifu Lawrence Galante. When moving back to Florida, where he was born, he continued his studies with Master Andrew Chung, whom he has been with for over 30 years. After the first 5 years of training under Sifu Chung, he was encouraged to teach his own classes. He also assisted in teaching Sifu Chung's Tai Chi classes. With Sifu Chung's blessing and encouragement, he also studied with Master Wei Lun Huang for over 8 years. He worked professionally as a psychotherapist for various mental health agencies for 5 years in N.Y. City, and in computer operations for 25 yrs. at Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Miami, a major teaching hospital. He retired from Jackson Hospital as a Systems Analyst and has taught Tai Chi part-time throughout his work career.

Over the years, Ken Marx has taught many classes of his own at Greynolds Park, in North Miami Beach. .At the hospital where he worked, he gave free Chi Kung & Meditation classes for the many stressed-out employees, doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, secretaries, etc. as well as teaching private Tai Chi Chuan classes during his lunch break at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He has led classes with the elderly in long term rehabilitation centers, has given lectures and demonstrations at Barry College, Biscayne Institute for Health, and at an Omega Institute Conference, held in Fort Lauderdale. He published an article in June 1993 Tai Chi Magazine, "How Do You Deal with an Unfriendly Environment?" which discusses the strategy of teaching outside, in sometimes not so friendly circumstances. He has also served as a judge at many of Sifu Chung's South Florida Kung Fu/Tai Chi Tournaments.

After 25 years of working at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he retired from there & has pursued teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, & Meditation full-time in Palm Beach County. His specialty is Traditional Yang Style Long Form as well as Chi Kung and Meditation. He is married & has 4 children/step children.

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World Tai Chi Day - 2011

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