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 Past Student finds me on internet after 27 years 06/10/2020

Ken -

I took your classes at Greynolds Park for over a year 1992-93.

I loved and benefited from your teaching us in the open air, its combination of form, moving meditation and spirituality.

I moved to northern California, with my wife and young son in 1994. Have tried different teachers here, but have never found

anyone like you. You are special. And your students are blessed to have you show them the way.

So good to know that you are still teaching.

I often think of you, as I practice the form in front of an ancient oak tree, on the campus of Redlands University

in my home town of San Anselmo, north of San Francisco.

All the best to you Ken!


Private Lesson 02/10/15

Hi Ken,

Happy to be on your e-mail list. And thanks again for the private lesson.

I've been walking full/empty, and my usual limp favoring my right leg has vanished.

I'll try to maintain it.



SFRO Cancer Clinic - Cancer Survivor

April 22, 2014

Hello Ken,

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful weeks of Tai Chi/Chi Kung that I have enjoyed under your leadership this past year plus.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to this mind, body, soul experience. I regret we cannot continue in Jupiter, but understand these decisions are beyond us.

Please know that you have started me on a path to keeping all that you have taught me in my future life journey.

Peace and Joy,

Carol B.

Published South Florida Magazine - June 1997


There are few things that warrant my rising early enough to attend an 8 a.m. class on a Saturday morning. But after listening to the raves of several tai chi enthusiasts, I figured Kenneth Marx was a good reason.

Marx, who has been studying and teaching tai chi for more than two decades, leads weekly classes inside the west entrance of Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach. Under his tutelage, students study the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi Chuan --- part exercise, part meditation, part martial art, the roots of which reach back in history to the original Shaolin Temple. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the presence, absence or blockage of chi (which means "breath" or, in this case, "vital energy") determines the state of one's health. By learning how to remove anything that prevents their chi from flowing freely, students hope to live longer, healthier lives.

Admittedly, I had my hesitations as to whether this was merely the latest New Age trend du jour, but Marx proved me wrong. While health benefits are not apparent instantly, there is no question that within one class, tai chi helped relieve me of the stress collected over the span of the week. The intense focus required to execute the movements and exercises transports you into a completely different realm of thought and physical and mental fortitude.

"Tai Chi consists of a precise series of slow, graceful movements that create virtually no stress on the body whatsoever," says Marx. "That's why it's so beneficial for people, regardless of age."

July 19, 2007

Re: Ken Marx - Tai Chi and Chi Kung

I have been a student in Ken's Wednesday Tai Chi class at the University of Miami and Jackson campus for about five years, and have also taken part in his Friday Chi Kung and meditation sessions. I recommend both these disciplines, either separately, or better, in combination to anyone who seeks improved flexibility, stamina, concentration, sleep, temperament, relationships, work habits, or serenity. I have experienced improvement in all those areas since I began attending Ken's classes.

Ken is an accomplished Tai Chi practitioner, and a kind and patient teacher, well-versed in the history and variations of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, as well as the many related applications, among which are self-defense and health. He teaches Tai Chi from those perspectives, as the occasion arises. Ken is willing to teach at any level required by his students. He provides background, anecdotes, and exercises to inspire more than rote learning in his students. He keeps abreast of developments in Tai Chi and informs his students about resources, stories of interest and local exhibitions, to broaden our understanding of Tai Chi.

I recommend Ken Marx as a teacher to anyone who wishes to study and progress at Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and meditation.



To Whom It May Concern,

I have been taking the Chi Kung classes for some time and have benefited immensely from them. One aspect is the ability to cope with stressors both on and off the job. The flexibility that I have achieved has helped me to lessen the effect of the chronic back pain that I suffer from.

The classes are now free due to Mr. Marx generosity. He is due for retirement shortly, but it would be an asset if the classes could continue.


Lornette ARNP


July 20, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Kenneth Marx has been my Tai Chi teacher for over 7 year's. First he gave me one on one training; personally weekly for 2 years and then later on the group classes at JMH/UM since 5 years ago.

He is a great instructor, with great expertise in the matter and excellent skills that allows anyone to follow his instructions regardless of the level of the student.

I recommend him for any position teaching Tai Chi not only because of the skills and well trained but also for his dedication and persistence in teaching all the students like me that found great benefits from this modality exercise meditation.


Emma LMT

August 1, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I first found out about Chi Kung classes, held by Kenneth Marx, via the Record Review and decided to attend. I have attended regularly for over a year and enjoy the exercises immensely. Ken is very knowledgeable, experienced and always willing to teach. The movements themselves are not difficult, not strenuous and gently move the spine. Towards the end of each session, we meditate as a group from 10-15 minutes. To me, this is a great way to help maintain physical and mental health. I leave each class relaxed, and motivated to continue my work day. I tell everyone in my department about Chi Kung and have brought some of my colleagues with me on Fridays.

However what I appreciate most is Ken's dedication and commitment. He is a vey nice person to do this every Friday. He is present each week and gives up his own time to share some of his expertise with us. I believe the Chi Kung class is a wonderful activity; it is good for employees here at Jackson and I truly hope the Ken will be able to continue Chi Kung classes in the future.


Teddi . MS, RN

July 26, 2007

Hi Ken,

A note to congratulate you on your upcoming retirement from JMH. You have certainly contributed to the well-being of your fellow co-workers by your faithfulness to teaching and leading us in the Tai Chi exercises and Chi Kung meditations. These activities have helped us cope with the daily stressors we experience, and have been like an oasis for us. We have certainly benefited from your classes. I hope you have the opportunity to return, sometime in the near future.

Althea .

Senior Systems Analyst

September 22, 2010

From Drug/Alcohol Rehab Facility,

(Name and location anonymous to protect identity)

Dear Ken,

I celebrated my 1 year sober and your teachings have had a major impact on my life. When I left treatment and moved and started my life over, I started taking classes and practicing at home, and this has been a crucial part of my recovery. Not only have I had one year of sobriety, but my life is different and better in countless ways. Where I was always lonely, depressed, and, needless-to- say, DRUNK, I am now leading a healthy, happy life of balance.

The teachings of breathing and connecting the body and mind started me on a wonderful life path. I know that it is difficult to teach in that setting, but you should know that some people are listening, and for me, you changed my life. THANK YOU!,THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!!

With kind regard,

December 29, 2005

Hi Ken:

I have happy & sad news. I have accepted the position of Medical Director at

----------- starting in January. It's been an honor knowing you and will never forget our Friday noon exercises. Will try to continue on my own but always grateful to you for showing us a peaceful and enlightening path.


August 9, 2007

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to support Kenneth Marx to continue his Chi Kung class. I appreciate his commitment; and expertise. I look forward every Friday to relieve stress during his wonderful class. It is a fact that after his class, my colleagues and I feel relaxed and motivated to go back to work.


Madelaine MSM,RN

Dept. of Infection Prevention & Control

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