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Daily Meditation from Deng Ming-Dao & commentary

This is a quote from book '365 Tao' by author Deng Ming - Dao to ponder. P. 154

Sheaths                           Outside is form,

                                        Inside is thought,

                                        Deepest is the soul. 

Traditional sages describe a human being as having three sheaths. The outer one is the physical body and incorporates primitive drives  and instincts. The inner one is the mind and includes discrimination, reasoning, and sense of individuality.

Both the body and the mind are enslaved to the outer world because they gain their knowledge from sensory input. They cannot know anything "intangible," anything without a form or a name.

At the core of every person is the soul. This is a pure, virgin self. It does not think in the ordinary sense of the word, has no egotism, and is not concerned with maintaining itself in the world. Although the body has a shape and the mind is multifaceted, the soul is completely without form or features. No markings, profiles, names, formulas, numbers, ideas, or conceptions can be projected upon it. It is pure, shapeless, and empty.

Any person with training can reach this soul. Only then can you be convinced of its presence. When you reach it, your body and mind will become irrelevant, for you are now in a state beyond the senses and beyond thought. The soul is called absolute because it is beyond all relativity.


By learning how to sit in meditation, to sit in stillness, and let thoughts go, one can reach emptiness. The benefits of sitting in meditation and experiencing your soul are astounding and effect everything you do in life and in your daily activities. Anyone can do it if they are guided in the proper way. We are all Buddhas if we allow ourselves to be open to the way. 

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